What Bodybuilding or Nutritional Supplements are Right for You?

What supplements are going to help you reach your fitness
goals? Whether it’s to add pounds of muscle, strip away
ugly body fat or help you become a better athlete or just
a more energetic and healthy person, there are supplements
that can make it much easier to reach your goals. But you have
to know what works and which supplements are just a waste
of money.

You want that extra edge that proper body building,
sports and fitness supplementation can add to your training
and nutrition program.

There’s just one problem. You are completely overwhelmed
by the insane number of products on the market with more
and more being released every day.

The magazines are filled with ads for supplements that are
better than drugs (so they say) with unbelievable before
and after pictures and outrageous claims.

You could spend all your waking hours trying to figure out
which supplements actually work and which one’s will never
come close to their claims.

Who has the time and money to figure out which bodybuilding
supplements will actually help them achieve their goals?

I’ve wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on bogus
supplements. I keep detailed records of how they affect
my body and my results.

In fact, the August 2003 issue of Ironman Magazine
contains an article of mine on my experience with Muscle Link’s GH Stak.

I don’t want to see you make the same mistakes I have made
and waste years and thousands of dollars on supplements that
don’t work.

There are a few quality supplements in every category from
muscle building to fat burning to energy boosters and overall
health. I’ll help you tailor your supplement regime to your
specific goals.

There is no doubt in my mind that the right bodybuilding
supplements will give you that extra edge and help you
reach your goals faster.

However, it’s important to know that probably 99% of the
supplements on the market don’t do what they promise. A
lot of them don’t even carry the ingredients stated on the label.

This is also why you should stick to quality companies like
Optimum Nutrition, Labrada, Gaspari Nutrition,
EAS, Muscle Link, Twinlab, Ergopharm, AST and a few others.

Keep in mind that you need to get your training and nutrition
programs in line first, berfore you can truly see the benefit
of this supplement guide.

Eating french fries all day won’t help you build muscle, even
if you are taking supplements that actually work.

Before getting any benefits from supplements you need to get
your training and nutrition program in place. After that, you
can focus on what I call “core” supplements.

What are “core” supplements?

Core supplements are fitness supplements that I consider to be
more an integrated part of a proper and healthy overall nutrition

They make it easy for you to meet your nutritional requirements
and become part of your overall sports supplement and nutrition

They are so much a part of your nutrition plan that you could
call them nutritional supplements instead. I even refer to
these supplements more as part of my nutritional plan as opposed
to my supplement plan.

What are some of these indispensable core supplements?

1 – Multivitamins

2 – Multiminerals

3 – Essential Fatty Acids

4 – Antioxidants

You should never go without core supplements in order to purchase
other supplements. If you have the finances to do so, you can add to
the core but never sacrifice them for any other supplements.

But ignoring them to purchase the latest, greatest testosterone
boosting, growth hormone shooting, fat melting, Z-100 gizmo subdural
“injection” like supplement would be like buying all the latest
workout fashions and never actually going to the gym.

Don’t make that mistake. Please. You’ll just be wasting your
money and missing out on what effective supplements have to offer.

The next step up in your supplementation program would include
such things as the following:

1 – Meal Replacement and Protein Powders

2 – Creatine

3 – Glutamine

4 – A quality ZMA (specifically forumlates Zinc/Magnesium) product

Meal Replacement Powders and Protein Powders are really important
enough to be considered core sports supplements.

They allow you to get proper the necesssary nutrients you body
needs, as well as meet your protein requirements in an easy and convenient
(and nowadays, tasty) fashion.

In today’s fast paced world, I feel these supplements are essential
to helping you stick to a proper nutrition plan.

It’s difficult enough trying to prepare and eat 6 meals a day,
let alone plan out the proper food combinations to make sure you are
feeding your body everything it needs to function at its best. Not
to mention making sure that your meals contain high protein foods.

Get your nutrition and training program in place. Then, stock up
on core supplements. You’ll that this combination will go a long
way toward taking you to your fitness goals, whether it’s building
twenty pounds of muscle or losing fifty pounds of fat.

Getting the Most from Your Health Natural Nutritional Supplements

How can you learn to get the most from your body supplement? If you are taking health natural nutritional supplements, you already have a desire to meet your health and fitness goals. If you want to get the most from these supplements that you are taking, there are other things you will need to do in your life as well. Getting and staying healthy is a full body, mind and spirit process. One simple pill or supplement won’t magically change everything.

For example, you need to take a look at your diet. I’m sure you have heard before how important diet and exercise are to a healthy lifestyle but do you really understand how important your diet is to how you feel? Health products whole food supplements, nutritional supplements and more work because they aid your body in what it is already trying to do naturally.

If you really want to get the most from your experience with nutritional supplements, you need to make sure you are getting the proper amount of exercise as well – or at least as much as your health and schedule will allow. Exercise is not just about getting thin or buff. Exercise helps your brain function better and your blood circulate through your body. It helps you stay organized, sleep better at night and feel more rested and it actually gives you more energy. When exercise is used in combination with natural health supplements, you will get better results.

A Bodywise Nutritional Buy can offer you a great supplement that enhances your health and performance. If you are a person who enjoys fitness or has a very physical lifestyle, you can benefit from physical education supplements and other body supplements. If you are looking for a body enhancement supplement or a fitness supplement, there are many options available for you to help you get that added fitness boost you need and want.

Seeking advice of those that are experts in the field is another way to get the most from a body supplement. There are many types of nutritional supplements performance enhancers that can help you. Do you know what type of bulk amino acids to buy? Do you know what vitamins or nutrients you need to help a specific condition that you have? If you want to get the most of your experience with these supplements, you need to be sure you are seeking the advice of a professional who understands what your body’s needs are.

Lastly, you need to understand the true ability of your own mind. Many people have literally thought themselves well again. On that same note, a poor mental and emotional state can make you feel unwell. If you want to get the true value of your supplements, you are also going to want to try to have a positive attitude, get plenty of rest and try to de-stress your mind as much as possible.

Include Health Supplements in Your Daily Diet

If you are a sportsperson then you will agree to the fact that all sportsmen need high level of energy, much higher than what an average person needs. Not only high energy levels, they also need stamina and lean muscles for consistent performance. Whether it is a heavy weight lifter or a heavy duty athlete, they all use various health supplements.

These supplements help sportsmen to maintain their physique, improve their performance, improve immune system and fasten the injury healing process of the body. There are special supplements for sportspersons, called ‘Sports Supplements’.

Sports Supplements:

Sportsmen need fit and healthy body and high level of energy to give unfailing and consistent performances. They need high endurance levels and stamina to play the sport. As people are getting more and more aware, these supplements are gaining more popularity.

These add-ons were earlier frowned upon as people used to confuse them with illegal anabolic steroids. These steroids are banned in the Sports fraternity. However, the supplements discussed over here are legal and absolutely harmless. These supplements are made from natural extracts and natural occurring ingredients.

Steroids are not made from natural occurring ingredients and are thus harmful. They are used for providing instant energy and to give a boost to lean muscles to help sportsmen perform better in an illegal way.

The main ingredient in these natural supplements is Whey Protein, which is an excellent source of protein for the body. These supplements also include essential Amino Acids like Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine, and also Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, various minerals, and much more.

The protein and Amino acids are coupled with high levels of oxygen, which are directly absorbed by the body muscles. This oxygen delivers high energy and fuel to the muscles for the revival process of the body.


They help in building and further strengthening the body muscles, especially the lean muscles.
They help sportsperson improve performance
They help in burning off extra fat and flab to help the sportsmen achieve a lean and fit physique.
These supplements increase endurance power and stamina, which helps in consistent performances.
Improves the body’s healing process and recovery capacity system.
There are also some pain relieving supplements available in the market that helps sportsmen by reducing their pains, like muscle joint pain, strains, sprains, and other sport injuries.

Bodybuilding Supplements:

These fitness supplements provide the body muscles with much needed energy required for heavy weight lifting by body builders. They help revive the body in a natural way. These are protein based powders, which directly gets absorbed by the muscles in the body. These usually include three essential amino acids, multi-vitamins and minerals, Casein, etc.

However, keep in mind that these are natural add on and will take time to show their effects. These are no wonder products that will provide you immense energy and ripping muscles in few days of use!

Consume these supplements in prescribed quantities, coupled with balanced diets and a good exercise regimen, and you will see the difference in few months.

How to Pick the Supplement That Is Right for You

Amongst the pages of all good bodybuilding and fitness magazines are a myriad of manufacturers attempting to sell you supplements with wild claims of almost every kind. They all have the miracle answer to your problems. But do they? Many of the claims that are being bandied around these days lack substance and do nothing to aid the consumer in the search for the product that is right for them.

So to help you make an educated decision when buying fitness supplements, bodybuilding supplements or general sports nutrition you need to adhere to the following basics.

1. The look of the product says a lot about the quality. It’s usually true that packaging quality reflects the quality of the product inside, that is, if the packaging is poor, the product is likely to be inferior, and if the packaging is high-quality, chances increase that the product is a winner.

2. Now you need to do as any good grocery shopper would do and read the back of the label. I would suggest that the first thing you look for is the serving size and then how long will the product last according to the directions. You need to be looking for a product that gives you at least a 28 day supply to be of any value.

3. It’s important to look for branded ingredient names on the back panel. While each product is unique, branded ingredient names can include names like “lean complex” and “rapid absorption initiator.” It’s usually a good sign if a product has branded ingredient names on the label as this can indicate that the product is of quality. While there is still the chance that low grade products can make up branded names in their advertising spiels on the packaging, usually the presence of branded ingredient names demonstrates that a company has put in considerable time and effort into making a quality product that may have some research backing.

4. Ingredient concentrations are important because ingredients make products work. For example, if a product contains metabolites like creatine, how much creatine does the product contain? This should be clearly listed on the label. To be effective and to meet claim, important ingredients should appear as close to the beginning of the ingredient listing as possible. This ensures that you’re getting enough of the active ingredients to expect that the product will deliver.

5. Real-world case studies and testimonials are fine, but the ultimate test is this: does it work? This is a question that is best answered by science.

In today’s market, there’s really no reason why a product shouldn’t be backed by science – unless it’s just hit the market and academic testing is ongoing. High-quality products will almost always have scientific references listed if label space allows.

6. Contact information on a product package is a sign that a company stands behind its products and is willing to step up to the plate to give you customer service, should it be required. Avoid all supplements that don’t list contact information on the label.

While these are general rules to use when picking a supplement, you need to be aware of what the ingredients actually do for you before you want to include them in your diet. So I would suggest that you research exactly what supplements will be beneficial to you and your goals.

Champion Health and fitness provides quality knowledge and products to help you in your health and fitness quest.

Muscle and Fitness – Supplementation is the Key to Acquiring Muscle Mass

Beginning bodybuilders may not at first be aware of the fact that in order to acquire the highest degree of muscle mass, as it pertains to muscle and fitness, they will need to take some form(s) of supplementation. For example, muscle growth is not going to occur as you may prefer it without a good amount of protein. Protein must be ingested not only as part of the diet but also in the form of supplementation. Furthermore, other supplements work in conjunction with the proper diet in order that amassing muscle may be accomplished. In light of all the preceding thoughts, the following article provides information you may find pertinent to supplementation needed in order to increase muscle size in the healthiest way possible.

1. The first supplement recommended and agreeably a very popular selection amongst bodybuilding athletes is Creatine. It is by far the preferred choice of bodybuilders. Its properties are such that it participates with phosphate. This action takes place within the athlete’s muscles. Bodybuilders who take the supplement of Creatine will maintain water within the muscular walls. Naturally, since the muscles are storing water this allows for the appearance of (muscular) fullness. In the beginning stages this massive increase is primarily water; however if you continue using the supplement, your body responds accordingly and water is replaced by construction of lean muscle. In this way, true homeostasis (or equilibrium) is achieved. It may be noted, since water is initially stored within the muscle, you may attain an increase in muscle size within one week. The increase in size can be up to ten pounds of mass!

2. Secondly, another supplementation which is known within weightlifting circles is Glutamine. This is the primary amino acid found within muscles. Naturally, when weight training the amino acid is depleted and needs to be replenished. Accordingly, supplementation of Glutamine is vital. The use of the supplement is essential with respect to the athlete’s recuperation from an intense weight training workout. Recovery periods correspondent to Glutamine supplementation are lower in duration. Further Glutamine works well with the supplement Creatine. Glutamine and Creatine working in coordination provide the athlete greater muscle volume.

3. Third, for bodybuilders seeking a quality protein supplement, whey protein proves to be a high quality product. Whey protein allows athletes the benefit of absorbing protein at a higher rate due to the fact it is composed of a relatively short chain of amino acids. This in effect, makes the supplement easily digestible. It can make a great deal of difference with respect to your workout and your subsequent muscle growth.

In summary, proper supplementation is vital to your weight training strategy with respect to muscle and fitness (levels) as is proper diet and exercise. In order to achieve the greatest muscle mass, it is advised to supplement your diet with the preceding products.

The Top Three Fitness Supplements You Don’t Need


One gets blasted by marketing ads every single day, hour, minute and second by thirsty companies looking to make a quick buck. Whether it be on the T.V, magazine or computer, it doesn’t matter, it’s all the same. Supplement companies are no different they need to market their products in order to make money. The majority of these products are rubbish, except for a select few, which are protein powder, creatine and fish oil. Below I will list three rubbish supplements that one does not need to get big or lean, nor will it help them achieve their fitness goals and so on.

Pre-Workout Powder:

Pre-Workout powder just downright sucks, it’s a waste of money, full of cheap materials. Yet people still buy pre-workout powder for its stimulant properties, when there are way better and cheaper options out there. For example instead of drinking some pre-workout powder, one could drink a cup of black coffee which has the same amount of caffeine as in one or two scoops of pre-workout powder. They could also eat a pre-workout meal before heading out to the gym, containing some quick acting carbohydrates such as oatmeal and grains. Why waste money on a product that has no benefit to it, when there are way better options out there!

Testosterone Boosters:

Supplement companies use appealing marketing words and tactics when they advertise their test booster products. One might have seen it before and it usually goes something like this “Gain two hundred percent more muscle mass, just by taking this product”. Many people fall for their tactics, traps and strategies. I wont lie, test boosters work but not in the way one thinks on how it works. No one will ever gain freaky amounts of muscle just by taking test boosters, however they will notice an increase in libido and so on, which could be seen as a benefit to some people.

Fat Burners:

Fat burners are complete rubbish and not to mention just downright dangerous. They contain dangerous and high amounts of caffeine and other stimulant products that are needed in order to burn fat. The other bad thing about fat burners is that they dehydrate ones body because the caffeine and the other stimulant products in them increase ones body temperature due to their thermogenic properties. instead of taking a fat burning supplement, one could just go do some more cardiovascular training and change their diets and I am a hundred percent sure that they will notice changes very quickly!

Finding The Best Pre Workout Supplement

When looking into any product in the fitness world, and in any purchase for that matter, people want the best. Having the best pre workout supplement on the market isn’t just about finding the highest price or the best rated product, but the best product for you. You may go and spend top dollar on a pre workout supplement designed to build muscle, but if you are a runner looking to improve your endurance, you are up the creek with no canoe. It all comes down to finding the best product based on your personal needs. This is a quick three step process I use when selecting and using the best fitness supplement depending on my personal needs.

Define Your Goals

Choosing the best pre workout supplement starts with narrowing down your specific goals; whether it be to build muscle, increase pumps, boost vascularity or even improve endurance and conditioning. Once you have figured out what it is you want to achieve, then you can look into how to choose the right supplements.

Research Various Products

Even when you know what you want to achieve, your job is still not complete. In each individual category of fitness goals, there are numerous products for each. If I am ever selecting a new supplement, heavy research comes into play. I always will look around at different sites to see how people are rating and commenting on the product. Taking advice from only the vendor itself may be accurate to an extent, but they are the vendor, they are biased. I want actual users telling me how it worked for them. Once I know a product is a good price and the supplement is geared towards my same goals, then I know I have found the best pre workout supplement for me.

Assess Your Tolerance

Each pre workout supplement has its own directed usage amount and potency. Always use the supplement as directed on the package, but after you are comfortable with the recommended amount, usually the instructions will tell you that it is okay to fluctuate the amount of product you use as well as water, assuming you are mixing a drink. Once you know the right amount for you to use and the time to take it, you are ready to put the supplement to work.

Most people want to find the best pre workout supplements on the market, but not many know that the best supplement on the market varies with each person depending on their body type and specific goals they are wanting to achieve. Follow these simple instructions and you are on your way to a great experience with your product of choice.

Glutamine – The Repairing Supplement

Glutamine is used as a fitness and health supplement. It occurs naturally in the human body by circulating through the blood stream, storage in the skeletal muscles as well as dietary sources such as meat, eggs, dairy products, cabbage, beets and spinach.

It is used by health professionals to treat many conditions and disease such as trauma, cancer, burns, ulcers, intestinal conditions and surgery recovery.

Benefits of Glutamine as a fitness supplement:

-Preserves muscle tissue. This is especially important when you want to lose body fat but keep muscle mass.

-Decreases recovery time in between workouts.

-Aids endurance athletes by restoring T-helper/suppressor cell ratios.

-Protects immune system.

-Glutamine supplements help to top up natural supplies, to prevent loss of strength and stamina.

-Has shown to increase growth hormone levels. Meaning, it may help you put on muscle.

When you purchase glutamine as a fitness supplement, it comes as a powder. The powder is best mixed with your usual protein shake, right after a workout. Always take the recommended dosage and read labels carefully. Remember to research products and supplements to see if what you are buying works with your goals, conditions and lifestyle. What’s great for some, is not so great for others. It’s up to the individual to make the informed choice when they decide to put something new in to their body. If you are not sure, talk to your doctor or health care provider.

As with most supplements, glutamine isn’t essential to success but it doesn’t hurt!

Muscle Fitness- Achieving That Dream Body

Muscle fitness is the dream of any youth today – be it a male or a female. There is no shortage of gymnasiums to work out. There are also innumerable supplements in the market. These supplements guarantee the best of the muscle layouts for your body. Here’s a list of the things you must do while traveling on the highway to muscle fitness.

First, consult your physician before adopting any exercise schedule or taking any of the muscle fitness supplements. Do check out with your personal physician whether you can go for that exercise regimen. Your doctor will, in all probability, do an overall checkup of your physique. Take to the exercises or the medications only if you get the nod from your physician. Sincerely follow the guidelines set by your instructor.
Once you get the nod from the expert, contact a muscle fitness instructor in your neighborhood. You must always do the exercises under the watchful eyes of the instructor. This is a precaution against any pitfalls.

Next, choose a state-of-the art gymnasium. Doubly ensure that the gym has up-to-date first aid facilities. The very knowledge that there is an expert doctor nearby whom you can turn to in times of exigencies is quite a comforting assurance. Mind you, accidents can happen anytime.
Then, you will also have to take care of your diet so that you keep on supplementing your body with the required vitamins and other minerals. But, it is always better to opt for the natural means rather than going for the artificial ones. Beware! Overeating may give you only the opposite results. Once you start having the bulge, it would be rather problematic for you to trim that fat on your waist.

On the other hand, in most of the cases the fatty substances keep on gathering rather than reducing. Or if you start starving after the exercise regimen, you would not gain anything insofar as muscle fitness is concerned. This is because the body is unable to regain the lost strength from the meal. Would you be able to run a car without fuel? Surely not! Similar is the case with our body!

Along with the diet, another important point to keep in mind is that your body dehydrates while exercising. So, take to fluids in a big way. If you deprive your already taxed body of water or other nourishing fluid you will get tired easily. Getting fagged out after any muscle fitness roster will be a hopeless program. After all, you are exercising to not just get the dream body but to also gain strength.

Above all, the muscle fitness routine is not at all about starving. Muscle fitness is more about a hygienic lifestyle. What is required is a controlled but Army-type of regimen. Therefore, all you have to give is total concentration and posses a strong will power.
Moreover, remove the misconception that if you exercise too much you will have more muscle power. Neither over-exercise nor lift excessive weights. There is a limit to everything. Most importantly, our bodies will tolerate strains only up to a limit. Do the exercises leisurely. Exert too much pressure on the physique and you will not get strong for sure!
At the end of the day, the muscle fitness regimen must not be at loggerheads with your sweet sleep. In other words, it is of absolute necessity that you get a good night’s sleep. In fact, our body recuperates from the day’s wear and tear only during that time when we have a sound sleep. Another less known aspect is that our physique grows during the time we dream.

If you are suffer from insomnia, practise yogic exercises in the morning. They help to tone up the body. Certain breathing exercises also help to get rid of the toxic elements from inside our body. These yogic exercises are good for gaining concentration and balance of mind as well. Hence seek the instructions on the time-tested yogic exercises. Or you can also take the help of a person who is an expert on yoga. The yogic exercise called savasana helps a person relax his physique.

Nilutpal Gogoi is a writer and a freelance journalist having more than 18 years of service in several audio-visual and print media reputed organizations in North East India. He has published one popular adventure book for children and has published more than 1000 articles for various sites, as such

Know More About the Best Fitness Supplements

Today, everyone has become health conscious. Everyone is concerned about their physical health. Thus, they have not only adopted a prescribed and healthy diet but have also started a good and effective fitness regime. Apart from taking these steps to their improve their fitness, people today have started taking the help of various supplements meant for good health and fitness which are available in the market. Many, however, are not aware of which one is the best for them.

There are different types of supplements which you can choose from. But with so many options, there is confusion among people as to which one is more suitable to their body type and their requirement. Everyone therefore wants to know which are the best supplements. However, before they use them they want to know what are their benefits and if those are safe.

Among the more popular supplements widely used by fitness freaks is protein powder.

The protein supplement is more popular because it is the basic part of our everyday diet. No matter what we want to achieve by in taking these supplements, whether lose fat or build muscle protein plays a important role in achieving these goals as it aids growth and repair of the various organs, blood, skin, hair, bones and not to forget the muscles! For the above mentioned reasons and many more, protein is more popular among users. It is also among the few supplements which is backed by science. Thus, very simply, there are many reasons for protein being a popular supplement with users. And the best way to get enough of these proteins for your body is through the supplements available in the form of powder and liquids.

Now that you know which supplements can help you gain back your fitness, there are few general points that you need to take care of for good health. You should not only eat healthy but also ensure that you give your body adequate amount of rest. If you deprive yourself from sleep, it could have grave consequences on your health. Apart from rest, you should also follow a healthy diet and a systematic exercise routine. Thus, it is as simple as that. There are no other secrets to it and no gimmick involved.